Monday, April 12, 2010



Just as 7:00 PM came rolling around, I had just hopped out of the shower. Grabbing the towel off of of the toilet, I wrapped it around myself and headed out into my bedroom and into my closet. After searching through rack after rack of clothes, I decided a tightly-fitting purple strapless dress would fit the occasion. It was the first Saturday I had gotten off of work in nearly a century, and I was looking forward to getting my drank on.

After finishing getting ready, I headed downstairs to where my purse, phone, and shoes were waiting. I picked up my things off of the counter, slid my feet into my gold heels, and just as I was about to hop into my brand new 2010 black Jeep Wrangler, my phone began ringing in my hand. Glancing down at the caller-ID, I immediatley answered. “Hey Brian, I’m about to leave my house.”

“Its about time, you’re a half hour late,” he joked.

“I know, sorry. I got caught up doing some things around the house. But I’m just pulling out of my driveway, so I’ll see you in ten.” I replied.

“K sounds good.”

Soon enough, I found myself walking into the dim lit club, jammed with people. Heading through the maze of bodies, I headed over to the private room in the back for the party I was attending. Opening the door, I was greeted with about fifty familiar faces. “Damn Lex, it’s about time!” One of my best friends, Brian shouted over the blaring music as he made his way through the crowd and over to me, wrapping an arm around my waist and placing a kiss on my cheek.

“Oh shut up, looks like the party was bumpin’ without me, anyways.”

“No party is a party without you, babe.” He said with a wink.

“Aww aren’t you sweet.” I said with a laugh, “happy birthday by the way.” I then handed him an envelope.

“Thanks Lex.”

“No prob, Bri.” I replied.

“You look great by the way,” he commented.

“Aw, look at you, you little sweetheart,” I teased as I placed a kiss on his cheek and made my way through the crowd to get a drink at the bar in the back.

Sitting down, I ordered a Mint Mojito. Soon after, the bartender placed the glass into my hand. I then stood up from the bar and made my way over to the dance floor, which was full of people. I made my way to the middle, dancing with anyone and everyone. Wasted by Gucci Mane came on, I soon found myself re-uniting with Brian once again. We began grinding on eachother, my back to his front. Before the song ended, I noticed my glass was empty and decided I needed to fix that problem ASAP. “Bri, I need a drink, I’m gonna head to the bar, alright?”

“K babe, just find me later,” he slurred while slapping my ass.

I let out a laugh and rolled my eyes, “Alright.”

As soon as I sat down, the bartender came over to me. “Another Mojito for you, miss?”

“Um, actually I’ll just take a Bud Lite for right now, thank you though.”

“No problem,” he replied with a smile.

“Actually, can you make that two? Just add it to my tab.” I heard a somewhat unfamilliar voice order from behind me.

I turned around and noticed that the Cute One was standing behind me.

“Will do,” the bartender replied and placed two glasses on the table.

“Well that was awfully sweet coming from the one who just told me not too long ago that they were too young to buy drinks.” I said.

“Well, I am… but see, I’m pretty tight with the owner’s here… they basically love me.” He replied confidently.

“Well then, arent you a hero around here.” I replied with a laugh. “How old are you anyways?”

“You could say that…” he replied with a smirk. “And I’m nineteen by the way,” he added with a slight blush.

“Haha, oh I remember those years.” I said with a laugh.

“How old are you?” he asked.

“Just turned twenty-one two weeks ago.” I replied confidiently, “and thanks for the beer, Mr. Charmer, but I think I’m going to head back out to the dance floor.”

“Maybe I should join you…” he suggested.

“Hmm… maybe.”

“I’m John, by the way.”

“I’m Alexandra.”

Friday, October 16, 2009


K, so here's the new first chapter. It's completley different than the other, but I like it a lot better. Enjoy! (:

I grabbed the now empty glasses off of the bar and set them on the counter behind me. Standing still for the first time in hours, I deeply exhaled and wiped the sweat that was now trickling down my forehead. Glancing around at my surroundings, I noticed that the place was packed and the lights were low. The bar was lined with people and the words of ‘Get it on the Floor’ by DMX were ringing through my ears as I watched the sweaty, intoxicated bodies moving in unison on the dance floor. Taking an inhale, immediately the usual scent of sweat and alcohol hit me.

And when I felt a sudden gust of cold air blow against my skin, I knew they had arrived. It was about 11:00, meaning they had won their game and came out to celebrate. Shooting a casual glance to the doorway, I watched the usual trio confidently step through the doorway, and getting to the VIP section became their first priority. As they walked past, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them, and I knew that I wasn’t the only one, when I saw a trail of hopeless sluts following them as they blew passed them like they didn’t even exist.

All throughout the night, I would glance over through the clear glass walls of the VIP room and see two of the three becoming more intoxicated. The cute one looked too young to drink, and assuming he was the only one not stumbling around I assumed he indeed was. And of course, the typical sluts were crowding around the doors, begging to get in. Eventually, one of the drunken ones let a few of them in and the others pouted and stomped off.

Laughing to myself, I filled the orders of the demanding aging man in front of me. “Anya, can you hold up the bar for a sec, I have to piss,” I shouted over the blaring music as I leaned down to grab my purse.

With a laugh she replied, “Yeah that’s fine. Just don’t take forever in there.”

I made my way through the crowd and into the bathroom in the back. Noticing that it was surprisingly empty I set my purse on the counter and pulled out my flask. I took a big gulp, feeling the strong alcohol burn my throat. Throwing it back in my purse, I glanced in the mirror. My dark brown hair was pulled into a high pony tail and my bangs were plastered to my forehead due to the heat. Sweat glistened off of my stomach and the makeup around my deep blue eyes was beginning to smear. Wiping some of the smeared makeup away, I grabbed a bobby pin out of my purse and pinned my bangs back before doing a three-sixty in the mirror and heading back out.

I set my purse back under the bar and began filling the rest of the orders. And when I glanced back over to my favorite VIP room, I noticed it was surprisingly empty. I sighed and looked at the time. 1:32 AM shone back at me and I released a sigh. Only 28 minutes before I could finally go home. I was relieved that I didn’t have to do the closing up tonight.

The last half hour flew by, thankfully. I grabbed my purse and sweatshirt from under the bar and Anya followed suit. “So, what’s the plan for tonight?” She asked me.

“More like this morning,” I joked. “Well I do have some Captain in my freezer that has our names all over it… if you’re down.”

“Of course I am.” She replied with a smile as I followed her out of the front doors and into the parking lot.

Driving down the streets of Uniondale, New York, all the buildings were alight and the few people who were out at that time were stumbling down the streets. I soon turned into my neighborhood and then into my driveway, Anya right behind me. We both entered my house, and made a beeline into my kitchen. I grabbed the Captain Morgan out of the freezer as she grabbed the cups and the Dr. Pepper.

A few too many drinks later, I glanced at the clock, 5:09 AM. “I’m gonna go pass out,” I said with a laugh and I somehow made my way into my room. I peeled my clothes off of my body and pulled on a pair of shorts and a tanktop and collapsed into my bed.

The next morning, I rolled out of bed and walked out into my living room, seeing that Anya was still passed out on my couch. I laughed and headed into the kitchen. My stomach growled as I opened my fridge and grabbed the bacon and eggs. I then took the bread out of the pantry and began to make breakfast.

Just as I was finishing on the eggs Anya walked into the kitchen rubbing her stomach, “oh what perfect timing.”

I laughed and rolled my eyes as she walked over to me peered over my shoulder. “Yum, bacon and eggs. I’m gonna tear this shit up,” she joked as she sat down at the table and began sipping on the coffee I had set out for her.

I made my own plate and began digging in and Anya did shortly after. “So,” she said. “I see how you can’t keep your eyes off of those three hotties that come into the club practically every night.”

“How can you not?”

“I know right?” She asked while picking up a piece of bacon.

“They make every night more enjoyable.”

“You can say that again,” she replied with a laugh.

Saturday night. The usual club goers were back for a round two, and when I didn’t see the usual trio immediately after their game, I had to admit, I was shocked. Filling in some orders, I looked up at the clock. 12:30. The place slowly became fuller and fuller as the minutes ticked by. I turned around and grabbed the empty glasses stacked behind me, knowing I’d need them sooner or later. I turned around to set them on the counter and then noticed Anya had showed up. “Fuck, hopefully boss doesn’t notice I’m late. I’m sure he’d love any reason to fire me.” she whispered as she shrugged out of her coat and tossed it under the bar.

She glanced around the club and then over to the vacant VIP room. “Damn, where are the boys at?” she was thinking the exact same thing that had been bothering me for the past hour and a half.

“No idea. I can’t believe they aren’t here. It blows.”


A few hours later, I grabbed the extra shot glasses on the counter behind me, I had no idea this building could hold so many people. A guy who had been sitting at the bar for the past two hours stood up and I watched as he stumbled out of the front door. I glanced back to where he was previously sitting and noticed that it was once again filled with another body. The guy was glancing down at his cell phone, sending a text message I assumed. His dark hair was wet and plastered to his head. He was dressed pretty nicely. A leather jacket with a polo underneath, ripped designer jeans.


“What can I get you?” I asked, leaning over the counter somewhat seductively.

He looked up. It was the cute one. “Uh, I’m just saving this seat for someone.”

I nodded. “You sure you don’t want anything while you are waiting?”

“A coke is fine.”

“No alcohol for you tonight?”



His cheeks turned a slight red, “too young.”

“Oh,” I simply replied and filled a glass with coke and set it on the counter. “Here you go,” I smiled.

“Thanks,” he replied.

“No prob. Just let me know if you want anything else.”


I quickly glanced at Anya who was looking over at me with a smile and a “thumbs up”. I began laughing and focused my attention at some of customers at the bar.